Competition areas

There will be three different finishing areas when O-Ringen comes to Åre 2023. The first two stages will be in Trillevallen at the foot of Välliste. The third stage in Järpen, about 25 km east of Åre village and the last two in Ånn, just over 30 km west towards Storlien.

For MTBO is Östersund the competition area and Trail-O will compete in Vålådalen.


Stage 1, Trillevallen

A gentle start in the foothills of the mountains. The longer courses pass through the high birch forest approaching the tree line, which allows for fast runnability. The lower areas consist of spruce forest with poorer visibility but still good runnability. The many marshes in the lower areas provide clear route choices and are more runnable than you might expect, which makes it unwise to avoid them.

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Stage 2, Trillevallen

Today all runners will be up on the open mountain terrain. The shortest courses will reach the edge of the open areas, whereas the longer courses will be entirely up on the mountain. It is uphill to the starts which means the courses will be predominantly downhill. Stage 2 also offers fewer marshes than stage 1. On the open terrain there is very good visibility, but on the hillside it is important to keep your bearing so as to not drop too low or climb too high. For those that lose concentration it is easy to focus on the view. Enjoy the views – but keep contact with the map! This stage will also include the highest placed control in the history of O-Ringen!

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Stage 3, Järpen (Elite sprint Åre By for the Elite Tour)

The third stage takes us east to Järpen. The area to the north side of the village offers great orienteering terrain. The arena is situated high up in the village and the terrain is less hilly than in Trillevallen. Here you will need to be able to vary your pace between the detailed ridges and the more easily runnable, less detailed area towards the finish.

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Stage 4, Ånn

The fourth stage takes us west to Ånn. Here we are near the mountains again with all that comes with it, including runnable marshes and sparse boreal forest, but no open mountain terrain. The terrain is moderately hilly with less detail on the hillsides and more around the ridges and flatter areas. The finish area in Ånn is incredibly scenic with the Jämtland mountains in the background.

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Stage 5, Ånn

The fifth and final stage is also based in Ånn. An area at the beginning and end of the courses consists of pine forest with sandy ridges and valleys which allows for really fast runnability. The middle of the longer courses visits terrain more similar to the other days – marshes and ridges.

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Stage 1-2 Östersund

Stage 3 Järpen


Stage 1-2 Vålådalen

Stage 3 Evening stage Fröå gruva

Stage 4 Mörsil

Stage 5 Järpen

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